Monday, December 19, 2011

Hurricanes and Steroids

If a hurricane and a tornado got married, had a baby and put that baby on a massive amount of steroids the byproduct would be my 10 year old.

This morning I watched as she walked to her bus stop for school. I always wait until the bus is in sight before I sneak back in. The bus driver is onto me. He always tries to get my attention by honking his horn and sometimes I think he speeds up just so he can screech his brakes at me.

I pretend not to notice. Good luck Mr. Bus Driver! He must hate me.

Yesterday, I told her to go study her flash cards. She told me she didn't want to and that it didn't matter because the teacher always helped her. Go do your cards!

Here is the conversation that came along 5 minutes later.

"Mom, I can't do my flashcards anymore."
"Ok," I say exasperated, "why not?"
"I ate them"
"You ate all of them?" I asked cooly.
"There are three left."
"Then go study the three that are left."
"Can I have a snack? Studying makes me hungry..."
"You just ate 25 cards. That was your snack."

At least hurricanes come with warnings before they come. submit to reddit

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