Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Professor and Me...A True Unpublished Confession of Why I Really Watched Gilligan's Island

I have a confession to make.  I never wanted him rescued.  The day he washed ashore on that island was my dream come true. I was all of eight years old and he was my castle in the air and with great certainty, I knew that one day we would be together. I wanted him stuck on the island forever, just for me to watch him inventing and fixing things.  Every time a boat sailed along, I secretly prayed a rescue wouldn't happen.  It wasn't that I was selfish, but I actually was.

I hated Mary Ann.  HATED.  She was my competition.  At times, when she would be standing underneath a coconut tree with her scantily dressed glamour girl body, I would find myself up against the TV screen with my fists doubled up hoping for the day a coconut would fall on her and cause her some extent of blunt trauma.  I didn't want her to die, give me some credit, just permanently disabled.

Now the love of my life looks like my Grandad...ugghh

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