Thursday, September 27, 2012

What is at the End of the Rainbow

I found out what is really at the end of that rainbow...

Golden Arches...
and cinnamon melts. Mostly cinnamon melts.

Miss you guys! Yes I have been on a short hiatus. I'm involved in lots of conspiracies and stuff which has taken up an unusual amount of time. Also, I'm back in flight school (yes, someone allows me in the sky), which takes up a lot of time and I don't care to fly exhausted and falling asleep in the plane, though when it starts to dive, the plane's alarm usually wakes me up. Things just get fun after that.

In addition, I have found myself watching Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo and my IQ has dropped about 10 or 5000 points because of that decision so that doesn't help my dating life either.

Even Facebook is working against me.

I actually think I saw the word "unstable" in there somewhere, but probably not so I left that out.

Don't worry, you are all still safe and can sleep sound at night without fear of me going crazy.

See ya'll when I'm done getting into trouble with my flight trickery and stuff! I'm anxious to start catching up on some of your adventures on your own blogs!

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